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Production Safety Passport for Managing TV/Film Health & Safety- training Course

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In the world of film and television, safety is paramount. From the bustle of a live set to the management of on-site risks, ensuring that everyone walks away from a day’s work unharmed is a top priority. But how do you ensure you are well-prepared to manage health & safety on a production set?

Enter the "Production Safety Passport for Managing TV/Film Health & Safety" training course.

What is the Production Safety Passport for Managing TV/Film Health & Safety?

This isn't just any training program. It's a ScreenSkills - approved course that aligns perfectly with the standards stipulated at X3.5 of the Production Safety Passport.

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This course has been accredited by the Production Safety Passport (PSP) scheme as industry-standard, high-quality and widely-recognised health and safety training. Upon successfully completing this programme, you will gain a PSP certificate via the ScreenSkills website which employers can use to verify your level of training.

Specifically tailored for those in leadership roles, this course is essential for:

· Heads of departments

· Unit managers

· Production managers

· 1st assistant directors

· And anyone else responsible for an activity or function that demands a risk assessment.

As laid out by ScreenSkills, it is crucial that individuals in such roles are qualified to the "Safe Management of Production X3.5 level."

Dive Deep into Course Content:

The course offers a holistic approach to managing health and safety in the film and TV industry. It covers:

  • Safety Culture: Understand the ethos and significance of safety in the industry.

  • Our Responsibilities: Delve into the duties and accountabilities in production safety.

  • Planning & Monitoring: Learn the importance of foresight and ongoing scrutiny.

  • Role of Risk Assessments: Grasp the crucial part risk assessments play.

  • Undertaking Risk Assessments: Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to perform these assessments effectively.

  • Controlling Risk: Mitigate and manage risks, ensuring the safety of your team.

Flexibility in Delivery:

While the course is primarily delivered face-to-face to provide a hands-on learning experience, we understand the need for adaptability. As such, arrangements can be made for online live learning. Plus, if you'd like the training to be held at your premises for your dedicated team, that's an option too!

Seal It With a Certificate:

Completing this rigorous program isn't just about acquiring knowledge. It’s also about validation. This course has earned the accreditation of the Production Safety Passport (PSP) scheme, marking it as industry-standard and top-notch health and safety training. Once you successfully navigate the course, you'll receive a PSP certificate via the ScreenSkills website. This certification not only stands as a testament to your expertise but also serves as a verifiable tool for employers.

Why Should You Sign Up?

If you're aiming to stand out in the competitive world of film and TV production, proving that you prioritise safety is a significant step. The Calvin Hanks training course not only equips you with essential knowledge but also empowers you with an industry-recogniwed certificate. In essence, it's your passport to a safer, more efficient production environment.

Ready to step up your production health and safety management skills? Click here to find out more about booking and embark on this enlightening journey.

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