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fire risk assessments


Fire Risk Assessment: Ensuring Safety and Compliance


Why Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) is Essential

In an ever-changing world, the safety of your premises should never be left to chance. Fire Risk Assessments (FRA) are not just a legal requirement; they are a fundamental step in protecting lives, properties, and businesses from the devastating impact of fires.

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, every building occupier – whether it's a workplace, office, place of entertainment, pub, block of flats, or holiday let – has a legal duty to undertake a comprehensive FRA. This obligation reflects the seriousness of fire safety, recognising it as paramount for the wellbeing of individuals and the continuity of businesses.


Our expertise at your service

We understand that navigating the complexities of fire safety can be daunting. That's why we offer our expert fire risk assessment service, designed to make compliance straightforward and stress-free. Our team of competent advisors is equipped with in-depth knowledge and experience to undertake thorough FRAs, ensuring that your premises meet all legal requirements and safety standards.

What we offer:

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Comprehensive assessments: Our FRAs meticulously evaluate all aspects of fire safety in your premises, identifying potential risks and advising on the necessary measures to mitigate them. This includes the development of fire safety and evacuation plans tailored to your specific environment.

Customised recommendations: We recognise that each premises is unique. Our assessments lead to tailored recommendations that align with the specific needs and characteristics of your property, including special arrangements for individuals with mobility needs to ensure their safety and ease of evacuation.

Expert guidance: Our advisors are more than assessors – they are your partners in fire safety. They provide invaluable advice on maintaining a safe environment and staying compliant with current fire safety laws.

Ongoing support: Fire safety is an ongoing commitment. We offer continuous support to help you keep your premises safe and compliant over time.

We believe that effective fire risk management is about more than just ticking boxes; it's about it's about fostering a culture of safety and responsibility. By choosing our service, you're not just complying with regulations; you're taking a proactive step towards ensuring a safer environment for everyone who enters your premises. Trust us to guide you in this crucial journey towards fire safety and compliance.

Let us take care of all your fire risk assessment safety needs. Here’s how it works:


Fill out the contact form, send us an email, or give us a call on 0345 200 1261 to discuss what fire risk assessment safety support you require.


After an initial discussion with you we will advise on what is needed, draw up a plan and the suggested way forward.


Once we have received your feedback and you have given us the go ahead our partnership begins.

You can be our next happy client

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