As a TV or film company you will need to keep your actors, film crew and support team safe. You need all the relevant risk assessments carried out and will need to be compliant with all the latest safety guidelines in order to protect everyone on set. This can be a hugely daunting and time consuming task in an already hectic environment.


When you become a client we can take all that stress from you and will ensure all relevant legislation and other safety guidance is being adhered to. We will make sure your set is a safe place to be, from remote locations to stunts, public locations to film sets, leaving you to focus on filming.

Service Spotlight

"We have recently been working with a number of filming production companies across the UK acting as their Covid-19 safety supervisors. We have supported them by carrying out Covid-19 risk assessments, being present on set to ensure all the latest measures are being adhered to and completing all the necessary paperwork that goes alongside compliance. We have also provided location medics to safeguard the whole team."

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