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IOSH managing safely: productions & live events training course

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In the dynamic world of TV, film, and live events, the demand for rigorous health and safety management is paramount. Our IOSH Managing Safely: Productions and Live Events course, is meticulously designed to address this need. Spanning over three comprehensive days, the course delves into essential safety management principles, tailored specifically for the entertainment industry.

It builds on the background of the highly recognised IOSH Managing Safely and provides bespoke content relevant to two streams:

  • TV and film production

  • Live events (festival, exhibitions, theatre)


Participants will gain a robust understanding of assessing and controlling risks, the intricacies of legislative compliance, and the identification of common hazards. The course also tackles sector-specific challenges, such as crowd management at live events and handling stunts and special effects in production environments.

With a blend of theory and practical application, the course culminates in a formal assessment and a risk assessment project, ensuring that attendees leave with not just knowledge but practical skills. This training is invaluable for professionals aiming to uphold safety standards while fostering a culture of health and safety within their teams.

For those in TV / film production or live events, the IOSH Managing Safely course is a must-attend. You can find out more about the course and how to enrol here.

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